What is common to all fossil fuels?

Basically, the fossil fuels are hydrocarbons, fuel oil or natural gas and primary coal derived from the remains of dead animals and plants. These fossil fuels are also called as mineral fuels. The fossil fuels definition is developed by the natural processes such as anaerobic decomposition of the decayed dead organisms that consist of energy originated in the ancient photosynthesis. Actually, the age of these organisms that result in fossil fuels are over millions of years and also exceed sometimes over 650 million years. The existing supply of fossil fuel energy is not sustainable, but they are non-renewable resources of coal, oil and natural gas, which would not run out eventually.

Commonly, the fossil fuels have become a famous energy source due to the humans. They are considered to be effective, convenient, plentiful and cheap. These carbon based sources are being extracted from the earth at a quicker rate than they can be replenished creating them as a non-sustainable energy source. The extraction of fossil fuels may offer short term energy and also releases several dangerous emissions and gases into the environment, which are both polluting and toxic to the animals, plants and also planets delicate to the eco-systems. However, some of these dangerous emissions are being carry the responsible for improving in the climate change and global warming, which is commonly called as greenhouse effect.

natural gas

How does it work?

The fossil fuels are natural, but organic compounds or non-renewable source that can be made of carbon and hydrogen, which grows via the natural decomposition of animals and plants over several years ago. Primarily, this fossil fuel is used in three types such as coal, natural gas and petroleum gas. In fact, they are very simple to mine, cheap, highly storable and also readily available to buy. Even the clean renewable source must replace the dependence of fossil fuel. However, these types of fossil fuel always offer more electricity, heat and gasoline to us, especially in the colder climates.

In addition to non-renewable source, the burning fossil fuels are mainly responsible for the massive environmental damage. Even the plane and car emissions lead to the acid rain, ozone layer depletion and global climate change. One of the most valuable sources of fossil fuel is oil that would meet the needs of energy. The fossil fuels are commonly used for power in the vehicles as well as to heat the houses and also for cooling them based on weather conditions. The main purpose of fossil fuel is generating electricity, but it has taken millions of years to make. Once used up, these sources of energy are not renewable.


By looking into the use of alternative energy sources for reduction the use of fossil fuels, you are saving your environment by increasing the air quality and also decreasing the dependence for energy sources to some other countries. Hence, the importance of being using the fossil fuels will become more sufficient and its supply is definitely meeting the demands.

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