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What is the science behind the AeroCam?

The AeroCam is based on one of the most basic and elegant principles of science—that of lift physics. Compared to a conventional three-blade turbine, the AeroCam has more wing area working to produce power, but in a significantly smaller package. This effectively generates more power from the same wind speed. Because the AeroCam packs so much efficiency into its compact configuration, it’s opening up opportunities to businesses and communities that could have never considered wind energy before. We believe it has the potential to completely redefine the market.

wind energy in urban environment

The AeroCam is intelligent science. The science behind the BroadStar AeroCam is brilliant in its simplicity. In the same way that an airplane wing uses the movement of air to generate a force powerful enough to raise an enormous aircraft and keep it airborne, the AeroCam captures energy from wind with incredible efficiency. The AeroCam’s blades use the natural flow of air to create lift, effectively minimizing drag and optimizing mechanical efficiency. Thus, the AeroCam can extract energy from winds even at low speeds. The AeroCam’s offset cam allows the blades to continually adjust for optimal pitch throughout a 360º rotation of the turbine. And with a shorter hub height, it is approximately 30 percent smaller, yet generates the same power when compared to horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWTs). The AeroCam is inherently stable, working efficiently and safely in high-turbulence areas with less noise, vibration, and wear and tear. All combined, it adds up to a solution that delivers more power, flexibility, and reliability – all with a lower total cost of ownership and faster time to payback.

The Science of BroadStar
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